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Last year, katy-mylady posted about a lesson she did with her middle school students involving creating butterflies to hide around the room.

Today, I took that wonderful idea and ran with it.

My students really enjoyed getting to camouflage their butterflies and I was impressed with the ideas they came up with (too many to even include here) - the one on the bottom is my very favorite!

We had the second graders (who are also currently working on an animal project) come in and “hunt” this afternoon and after just two minutes, almost all of the butterflies were found. 

However, we had a great discussion between the two grades about which ones were the hardest and easiest to find, why certain ones survived (the grey one on the trash can up there was the only one in plain sight to make it through - the others were obscured or under things), and what they thought this meant for real-life animals. 

All in all, a great entry event for our project to get my kids thinking and any time I can collaborate with other grade levels, it makes it so much more real for the kids.

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