Second year PBL facilitator in a fourth grade, 1:1 classroom. Midwest native, word nerd, trivia junkie, and outfit blogger.


Fashionable teacher: thrown together edition.

After a moving truck fiasco left me without any clothes to wear to my first year teacher induction, I scoured clearance racks to put these three outfits together. I didn’t spend more than 15 dollars on any of these pieces.

  1. jenniferisabel said: Wow!
  2. chachibaby said: I LOVE THESE NEW OUTFITS. I love you, too. I miss you :’(
  3. heykkkkatie said: Daaaang girl. You are fabulous! Ps love your hair—I so wish mine would lay like that :)
  4. nerdydancer27 said: That’s not even fair! I wish I had your style p.S. super cute!
  5. wonderfulslumber said: cute! I love the outfit in the middle
  6. b33b00pmelteaches said: you are too cute!!
  7. adiemtocarpe said: So so so pretty!
  8. vwalker said: Impressive! My shopping skills are nowhere near that level.
  9. strange-new-classrooms said: you are so cute! I’m jealous of your style!
  10. dietcokeporfavor said: you are gorgeous and these outfits are perfect
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